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Is your business keeping you awake at night?

Trying to go it alone? That can come with big risks …

  • Suffering from the business Maze and Haze
  • Who to trust – relate to?
  • Big problems – but no answers
  • Who can I talk to …

The solutions are there – let’s find them.

Get a new person on your team. Independent, 30+ years business experience, on your side day one ….

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Greg Buckley - Business Advisor

A Trusted Business Advisor with proven results…

Bring to your business new ideas and ways to get you the results you are looking for. I have a proven Track Record with decades of real-world business Results, Management, and Coaching. Call today for a free video session with Greg …

  • 30+

    Years in the business

  • 10+

    Different sectors

  • $20M+

    Revenue generated

  • 15+

    Years in Business Services

Business Advisor

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Expert Business Advisor

With many years of experience, over many industries, from small businesses to multinational, I can bring to your business independent advice that will give results, and grow your business in to the future. As your Business Advisor I am here to listen to your concerns, aspirations, and ideas. Having someone on your side that will support and guide you is vital in a fast-moving business environment.

I will always give a straight answer – and that brings a new perspective and direction for you to use in your decision-making process. I will be your independent business coach, business advisor, to formulate what are proven business strategies, business plans, and ways to grow your business wealth.

Expert Business Advisor

Other Services I Offer

I offer a comprehensive and diverse range of services focusing on delivering better business profits and results. Here some Other Services on offer …

Business Advisor Insights

Here are some recent articles I have written.

What Business Advisory Services are on Offer?

My services range from business advisor, business coaching, business management, and CFO Online. I have many years of experienced with Small to Medium business through to the Large Multinationals. Through a tailored affordable program, you can get started today improving your business position and profitability. I definitely look forward talking to you soon …

  • Why This Business Advisor?

    Over many years of experience with Small to Medium business through to the Large Multinationals my practice can offer your business the change to get better profits, and better returns for you. Services range from Business Advisor, Business Coaching, Business Management, and CFO Online. I also offer tailored affordable programs that you can get started with today.

  • Do I need a Business Advisor?

    There is often a reservation about calling a Business Advisor. What does it cost? How long will this need to go for? Am I too small for an advisor? I would say simply make a call. Get to talk to a real person who can help. There is the "Business Haze and Maze" – and sometimes we need a person with training, tons of experience, and solutions to help out.

  • How Does this Work?

    Initially there's a meeting – let’s do a phone chat, or an online video meeting. Let me get an understanding about you, what are the pain points, the opportunities that may be coming up, or the goals you want to get. We'll give all of those a real check over, a reality check. I’ll give you my advice on the way to go forward. If all good, we come together and have a workshop - really get to grips with what needs to be done and make a great business strategy.

  • What is the Business Maze and Haze?

    Can’t see the solutions, trapped in a complex problem with no clear path to the exit - the Business Haze and Maze. We need a person with training, tons of experience, and solutionsto help out. I have the skills, experience, and knowledge – let’s get you out of the “Haze and Maze” and into clear skies, and on the right path.

Greg Buckley (GB) - Business Advisor

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