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Business Strategy

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Business Strategy and Planning

Planning without action is a dream – Action without Planning is a nightmare. Let’s get together and make a good business strategy for your business. Maximising profits and business performance is a key target for your business. We can together tailor a business strategy that fits you and your business. A good business strategy will prove its worth over time – you can get back to running your business with a clear pathway to follow. But flexibility is essential and so as business conditions change, we can reassess and modify your strategy to keep you on track, and ahead of your competition.

Business Strategy and Planning

Why a Business Strategy?

Strategy gets to grips with the real pathway to success. It’s a more committed approach to answer what you want to happen. If you want a certain outcome then Strategy must answer how that will occur in a very exact and certain way. Planning, which you still need, is much more about what you would like to happen. Both are much easier to do than you may think …. don’t get bogged down with long and meaningless templates. Give me a call to discuss, book a free online video call ...

  • How can business strategist help you?

    Getting independent advice from a business strategist, business advisor, gets things moving far more quickly. Having new eyes that aren’t bogged down on the day to day, month to month, running of the business allows a clearer focus and direction. Strategy implementation can be started earlier with greater certainty. And again, a good business advisor, business coach, will bring lots of experience and knowledge.

  • Why do I need a Business Strategy?

    Strategy is about doing, application, and being responsible and accountable. Strategy has a more disciplined approach and requires "How will this be done", "What must be applied", "Exactly how, with what, will the goal be achieved". In the past way too much emphasis was placed on Planning, and that lead to non-binding objectives occurring.

  • Planning V Strategy – What’s the Difference?

    Planning is time focused; Strategy is action focused. Planning is somewhat more generalised and can take into account such things as ambitions and goals – that said it must still be based with a reality check in place. Strategy is based on practical experiences and application. Recent management thought is now centred on Strategy. Call it what you will both are equally valid in business.

  • So, Do I still need a Plan?

    In short, Yes. Planning gives a wider look at the business. A time to ask "What do we want from this business", "What if I look at buying another business" - I would call this more like "What if I do this", "What if I do that". Leave the nuts and bolts to strategy – a harder look at the “doing” part of it. Also, a lot of institutions want, correctly, a “Business Plan” say, if you’re going for a business loan or some financing.

Greg Buckley (GB) - Business Advisor

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