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CFO Online

Good financials are a must have, and especially when unforeseen events happen – they can literally be a life saver. I am a qualified accountant and have worked with many SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises) right through to some of the biggest multinationals. I believe my credentials as a CFO are as good as you’ll get anywhere.

Make no mistake, your financials are a must have – but they must not weigh you down, they must not be only for an accountant. Given some time I can show you, or provide you, with financials that are useable and friendly to use. On an ongoing basis you can manage your business better, and react as profit and markets change. As the saying goes – know your numbers before your competitors do

CFO Online

Why Do I Need a CFO Online?

Good financials are a must have, and especially when unforeseen events happen – they can literally be a life saver.Lots of businesses survive without good financial reports, analysis, and dear I mention it … budgets. That is until an unforeseen event occurs, there’s a big opportunity knocking at the door, or there’s lots of work and no profit. Then it’s crunch time and things become extremely difficult.A CFO can do all of the above … and much, much more. Make a call today to get a one-to-one answer to some of your questions … or catchup on a free online video session …

  • What is a CFO?

    A CFO is a senior finance person with many years of experience. A CFO will almost always have qualifications in finance, business, or accounting, and would certainly include academic qualifications.

  • What Does A CFO do?

    A dedicated CFO is more oriented to the numbers and does work with Financial Statements, Bank Submissions, Management Reporting, Return on Assets (ROI) and much more.

  • Why do I Need CFO and Experience?

    Couple great financial expertise with many years as a CFO would certainly make for a good Business Advisor or Business Coach - I have both.

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