Choosing the Right Business Advisor

If you have come to this website, there’s a high probability you’re looking to touch base with a Business Advisor – or at least make a call to see what’s available, how does it work, what does it cost. But why choose this Business Advisor? Let’s take a look …

Experience, Experience, Experience

For a Business Advisor I would urge you to look for Experience. This is the one key feature you need to be looking for. It is the one that delivers the best outcomes for you and your business...

Yes, I have a university business degree, and I have had licences for different things like Tax and believe it or not Real Estate. I’ve done more courses and seminars than I’d care to remember. And I have worked for the very big internationals corporations, for top 500 Australian companies, and also worked for many SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises). Perhaps I could go on …. but let’s cut to the chase. The most standout credential I can offer you is my experience. That is the qualification that allows me to come to your business and bring -

  • A wealth of knowledge
  • Practical application
  • Know-how obtained from doing, seeing, and being involved
  • Real world skills
  • An understanding of you and your industry
  • Skills gained from direct observation
  • The ability to participate and be active directly in a business


Diversity is the other essential feature you need in a Business Advisor, or Business Coach. This brings a range of different industries, experiences across a number of businesses, and a wider range of skills. It ensures that your advisor can relate and understand your type of business and the ways to improve and give great outcomes.
Here are some of the industries I have worked in …

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Transport
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Electrical
  • … and more


A key skill for any advisor is the ability to communicate with you and your staff. This means you get someone who can relate to you your concerns, your dreams, and be able to talk to you about these.

The above business Experiences and Diversity has given me the ability to talk with almost every type of business owner there is. I think this is one of my greatest skills.

A great way to test this out is to give me a call. Let’s have a discussion about what we can achieve together and get some great outcomes and returns for your business.

About Author

Greg is an experienced Business Advisor with more than 15 years of industry experience focusing around various services such as Business Strategy, CFO Online and business specialist. He is also an experienced business coach.

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