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When the owner of this business came to see me, things were far from good. He had gone through a lot, and over quite some time. He and the business were considerably stressed to say the least. But finally, and thankfully, he reached out and made contact with me. That is the one of the biggest and most powerful things to do in business – he had made that first critical step in empowering his business, and himself.

After an initial face to face discussion, and some analysis by me over the next few days, we both set about to change the way he ran and managed his business.

One of the first things I advised him to do was undertake a price increase. He was very reluctant to do this. So, I put it to him “Tell me honestly, how good are you and your business?” His reply “My business and my team are the best; I am in no doubt about that”. My reply “Then it’s time to back yourself.”

There was a price increase across all his services. He really didn’t believe it would go so smoothly – but it did. The rewards and returns were felt immediately and the business began to get solid traction and better profits. There were lots more bridges that had to be crossed – some we even had to be build – but it was achieved and a very big turnaround occurred – and that includes the now very big smile on his face. Financial wellbeing has a good feeling to it …

Ongoing, a clear business strategy was put in place. Good Management practices for the business assets and staff were employed. A regular monthly set of financials were produced on a timely basis – these were easy to read financials and helped him manage his business much better. His willing staff were given clear guidelines about what was expected. Regular meetings with me were held to discuss what was happening, and moreover, how to succeed and retain his now hard-earned profitability.

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