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The owners, a husband-and-wife team, had done very well. They were running a good business overall. But it was under performing on the profit line. This had grown to be a contentious point between the owners. They had not been able to identify the issue and remedy this lack of profitability. These were good business operators, and this was a sizable repair shop in a substantial building. So, what was missing here?

By chance the wife reached out and gave me a call. She was more enquiring about what was breakeven – how do you calculate it; how should it be interpreted? I asked if she truly new her GP (Gross Profit). That lead to a more in-depth discussion – but in the end I went out to see them at their workshop.

After some discussions, and a review by me of their numbers, it was found that the margin on each job was erratic, and overall lower that it should have been. And taking into account this was over all the repairs, and over time, that added up to a very sizeable number. This required some specific and tailored business advice. Their team was able, willing, and responsive – all that was needed was to talk to them, let them know what was required, and back that up with the right training and tools. This wasn’t a long process and was implemented quite quickly. Ongoing, and critically, the right management and monitoring took place and the profit line increased accordingly.

Erosion of profit margin can occur and this must be quickly recognised, measured, and corrected. Good ongoing management is then so very important. Let me show you what can be done in your business…

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