Three Common Business Mistakes

Some Common Business Mistakes –

1 – Not Continually Promoting and Marketing Your Business
2 – Not Delivering Consistent Customer Service
3 – Ignoring Customer Feedback

… let’s take a look at these …

Good management always involves some research, due diligence, and working with your Business Advisor or Business Coach. Did I just say Business Advisor or Business coach … is there a difference? If you’re interested take a look at my blog “What is the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Advisor?” As you can see, right from the kick off, I’m trying to promote my business, and in doing so I’m not making one of the Three Common Business Mistakes.

Let’s get into it …

Some Common Business Mistakes

  • Not Continually Promoting and Marketing Your Business
  • Not Delivering Consistent Customer Service
  • Ignoring Customer Feedback

Not Continually Promoting and Marketing Your Business

Every time we get the chance we need to promote and market our businesses.

We need to make sure our marketing is the best it can be. It is never ending, takes a lot of time, and usually costs a lot of money. Never the less, that’s the way it is, and we need to be sure we are committed and constantly looking at our website, graphics, social media, and much more.

I know a person who is a senior manager at a fairly large marketing company. I’m going to ask him to write a small article on what to look for in a marketing company. But for now, let’s look at what we can do on our own.

In a place and time where you can promote your business flick the switch to “On”. It’s game time and you are on alert to make your pitch about your business – this is you talking about your business to people who can potentially be your customers. You can also pitch your business successfully to other people and they will become part of your network – part of your marketing. You may get a call from a potential customer simply because somebody passed on your contact details. This is virtually free marketing and can be very effective if done well.

So, there’s a need to have a great pitch. How do you do that? Here’s an easy way you can do this, on your own, in your own time, and it works a treat. Go and lock the door, get your mobile phone out, and do a video of yourself doing “your pitch”. It’s a great way to see just how good you are. If you think you’re already an ace, no practice required here, try it out anyway – doing your pitch may not be as easy as you think. If you’re a star, great. If not, then you may have a few more video sessions to do.

Not Delivering Consistent Customer Service

My assumption here is that great services are already in place. Yes, I agree - assumptions usually backfire. So, if there are bad services, and bad pricing in a business then go read my blog “Bad Services and Bad Pricing”. Get that done first, and then come back to this blog and it will have much more value.

Ask your self – have I ever been to a restaurant where for the first couple of times it was great. The food was great, especially the main. The service was friendly and attentive. It was all good, and you put it on your list of places to go. You even promoted it to your family and friends. But then you go back … and somehow things have changed for the worst. You’re not happy about it, and rightfully so. So, what went wrong? The service may have been unfriendly, ill mannered. The food cold, not cooked the same. A combination of the both. You decide to go back just one more time – but again, it is well below what you expected. The consistency between what you expect, and the now stark contrast to what you’re getting, is very real. You most likely decide not to go back. And perhaps you take back those referrals you gave to family and friends.

Here’s a critical business point to really consider – it is the real kicker for a business owner. The owner may never know why you, me, and others are not returning. There’s a silent exodus of customers, and the owner sees the profits vanishing. And perhaps even more importantly, the owner can’t understand what’s going on.

Your business must be built on quality that is commiserate for the dollars you are asking. We cannot lose our delivery. That is, delivery of a consistent service we provide, and which the business has been based on. This consistency is also part of our business reputation. Loose these, and you lose customers which you have paid very good money to get through your door. These types of businesses now experience a disintegrating client base, and a dissolving bottom line (Profit). Suddenly the real consequences are very vivid to the business owner. And to trying reverse this is a whole other problem.

Read on as the next topic goes hand in hand with this one ….

Ignoring Customer Feedback

Many years back when the Japanese were becoming a very big economy one of the best things they did was literally ask their customers what they wanted, what did they think of their products, and what could they have done better. And where possible they acted on that feedback. The western businesses were astounded the Japanese had actually come up with this novel and insightful approach – go figure.

Ask your customers what they thought about your service or product, listen to what they are saying, get their feedback in front of you, and where possible make the changes that need to be done. Perhaps in the restaurant example (in the above topic) the owner makes it a priority to ask – “How was the meal tonight?”, “Did you get good service?”, “How did we score tonight?”. It’s not that hard, and the best thing is the owner can see if there is something wrong, act quickly, and stop that slow silent exodus of customers and profit.

In Closing

If you found this blog interesting let me know and maybe I can follow up with some new Business Mistakes.

And as always, reach out for a chat with me if you’d like some direction or advice about this blog or your business …

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