Business Development and Growth

Most would assume these Profit and Growth go hand in hand. In fact, it’s often the case they don’t. I tell my clients – be careful – growth (success) can kill your business as much as a recession.

Often optimism and adrenalin can overtake the business owner. It’s certainly a good thing to grow and get those additional dollars in to the bank, to add value to the business valuation, and to get extra dollars into your own bank. However, over extending the business resources can lead to a bad or even a catastrophic outcome.

You need to plan, and have a strategy in place. You’re going to need good financials, and good forward projections to see just how this can pan out over time. A Cash crunch is definitely not what you need.

It’s essential you have these. And, I would recommend this practice as your Business Coach, call me today to have a free online video session….

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